About Us:

Heather Craft has been dreaming of Bridal Parlour for almost a decade.  After receiving her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, she found a deep love for fashion and the bridal industry.  With the support of family and her husband, she began to work in the luxury bridal industry gaining insight into the desires of brides across the country.  

For years, she planned her vision for the boutique:  a warm, inviting atmosphere with up & coming yet welcoming styles.  An overall feeling of fun and joy!  

The Experience:

At Bridal Parlour, you will enjoy a unique, personalized experience with an expert stylist. You will have a viewing area you can share with your loved ones in a luxurious, laid back atmosphere with something to sip.

It is a space filled with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding dresses to match your personality found exclusively at our boutique.  All our bridal gowns are made by the most creative designers we could find. 

Bridal Parlour Bride:

She is cool with an easy confidence. She does not want to wear the “same dress” as her peers. She wants to shine with her personal fashion. She has a love for life. Whether outgoing or quiet, modern or classic, she is at ease in the world around her.

She is The Beautiful.  The Individual.  The Bohemian.  The Romantic.  The Ethereal.  The Bride.


Image by Lindsay Morrison-Jahr